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Looking Forward to Sunday, November 23

Dear Friends in Christ,


con•duit noun \ˈkän-ˌdü-ət, -ˌdyü- also -dwət, -dət\ A conduit is a channel for conveyance. It may be a pipe or a tube through which something such as water or electricity travels or someone or something that is used as a way of sending something such as information or money (or… grace) from one place or person to another.


Last week we looked at one of Jesus’ parables in a series of “judgment parables” in the Gospel of Matthew –The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids. We jumped into our short three-part series on Grace by taking an unorthodox view. Rather than identifying with the ‘wise’ bridesmaids who appeared more pharisaical than Christlike, I suggested that those who were labeled “unwise” were actually more like most of us – they may not have been perfect, but they were resourceful; they were determined and didn’t give up! What all ten needed was grace. Five needed to extend it. Five to receive it.


This Sunday’s text, Matthew 25:31-45, has Jesus sorting the sheep from the goats. Which one are you? It was determined by whether each had been a conduit of God’s care, had respected God’s mandate that we feed, clothe, visit – love those in need.


Throughout the entire narrative sweep of the direction is clear. We are to be dispensers of the grace we’ve been given. Come Sunday to be positioned to be C of C – a conduit of Christ!


See you in worship -




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